HandyRec Professional

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HandyRec Professional, the powerful recorder and editor makes a complete recording studio of your computer. With HandyRec Professional you can record voice from microphone, internet streaming audio, or music played by Winamp, Windows Media Player, Quick Time, Real Player, Flash, games, etc. The recordings can be saved as .mp3, .wav, and .ogg files. The hotkey and schedule settings make it easy to handle auto start/stop of recording. With the hotkeys, you can even record during playing games, watching online video, or enjoying music. The schedules can be set as many as you like.

Batch conversion among 3 support formats becomes easy.

The HandyRec Audio Editor provides most popular commands and filters for file editing. You can cut, paste, copy and trim audio segments and add in different effects. Unlimited undo/redo will be of great help during your work.

What is new in HandyRec Professional 4.1?

HandyRec Professional is able to automatically detect the recording formats your sound card supports and then set the application's parameters for the best possible performance.

Previous settings, such as channel, format and etc will be loaded when you open the main interface.

Supporting of multiple sound-cards facilitates users with several devices.

Auto stop can be activated by time limit. You can select to stop recording or stop to record a new file.

Batch conversion among 3 support formats becomes easy.


What makes HandyRec Professional more powerful is its Editing feature . It can edit audio files as you desire by cutting, copying, pasting, trimming segments and employing various DSP effects


  • Open, create and save audio files;
  • Display a waveform window of an audio file and apply zooming;
  • Play an audio file or any part of it;
  • Record new audio file from a microphone or another input device;
  • Visually edit an audio file (Cut, Copy, Delete Silence, Paste, Paste From File, Mix, Mix From File);
  • Apply different effects (Amplify, Delay, Equalizer, Fade, Flanger, Invert, Normalize, Reverse, Multi Tap Delay, Silence, Stretch, Vibrato, Echo, Chorus);
  • Apply different filters to the selected part of an audio file (Ban Pass Filter, High Pass Filter, High Shelf Filter, Low Pass Filter, Low Shelf Filter, Notch Filter).
  • Insert noise or silence in an audio file;
  • Resample MP3 or Wav files.
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Application Features

Powerful Recorder:
The recorder produces high quality recording. The convenient hotkeys and schedule settings may help to activate start or stop of recording.

Batch conversion:
Conversion among wav,mp3,ogg becomes easy.

Cassette tapes:
Save your cassette tapes and vinyl LPs as CD tracks and MP3 files.

CD Quality Recording:
When saving the recorded audio files in WAV format, you will get CD quality recording.

Easy Audio File Editor:
HandyRec Professional can edit audio files as you desire by cutting, copying, pasting, trimming and various DSP effects.

Flexible Setting:
HandyRec Professional is able to automatically detect the recording formats your sound card supports and then set the application's parameters for the best possible performance. The default parameters work in most cases, but you can change them easily to best suit your needs.

Direct-to-Disk Long Time Recording:
You can record direct to disk for as long as you need.

Easy copy and rename:
HandyRec Professional is able to copy or rename the auto record file name at your want.

Hotkeys and Schedules:
Hotkeys and schedules help to manage auto start/stop of recording. You can set as unlimited number of schedules.

Record Volume Control Support:
HandyRec Professional integrates the complete set of record volume control for your convenience.

System required
1. Microsoft Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP or better
2. Pentium 90mhz or better
3. 16 MB RAM 3 MB hard drive space
4. Full-duplex sound card is also required
What's benefit after registering
1. Recording without time limitation !
2. No annoying reminding Message !
3. Get technology support free !
Order information
HandyRec Professional is a shareware. A user who want to use full-function requires registration. The registration fee only costs $24.95 US dollars.
Once you register, we will send you registration code immediately and all newer versions will also registered to you.
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